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咆哮大虎 [FX-338] 短袖壓力服

NT$ 1,400.00

Short Sleeve Compression Base layers Rash guard

 |Compression --- Fitted --- Loose|

 - Quick absorption & fast dry
 - 4-way stretchable, grab your muscle, reduce muscle damage and recovery time
 - Breathable and super lightweight, cool, dry and light
 - UV rays prevention, SPF 50+, UV breaking ratio over 99%
 - High-tech advanced fabric for all season sports
 - Sublimation printed (print inside the fabric) for long-lasting graphics with ink that is not harmful to the skin.
 - Safety Certificate for industrial products, Korea Certificate (KC)

fast-dry.png4way.pngbreathable.pnglight-weight.png   temperature-control.png4season.gif   uv.png   kc-mark-1.png

 - Fabric: 6.5oz(182g)/sqm Polyester 87% Elastane 13%
 - Product weight: Avg. 5.3oz(150g) with package
 - Country of Origin: KOREA, Republic of